Batteries are a critical component for supporting decarbonization of the power system and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Batteries store energy and are a cornerstone in building resilient, reliable and affordable power grids that can moderate the variable rate of clean energy resources like wind and solar.

Freedom Energy provides battery storage solutions for our clients through strategic partnerships. Working with our partner, CPower, we provide a Battery Storage Program that is available in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. To learn more, we invite you to complete our online contact form or call us at 877-292-4931.

What Is OnDemand Battery Energy Storage?

An OnDemand Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) refers to a battery system with the ability to store different types of energy, such as wind or solar power, and then release the energy for later use when needed. The battery technology helps mitigate the intermittency of solar, wind, or other renewable resources, and provides a mechanism to store excess energy that is generated when demand is low. With high demand, or for example, when it’s raining and there’s no sun for generating renewable power, the battery can provide the supply. By participating in OnDemand Battery Energy Storage programs, clients can lower their electricity use when demand is high to earn more significant energy savings.

OnDemand Battery Energy Storage systems are more complex than typical household batteries. Using algorithms, the intelligent battery software coordinates energy production. The software also uses computerized control systems to decide when to store power versus sending it back into the grid. With this energy storage system, power will release during peak demand times to keep energy levels consistent while lowering costs.

Benefits of Battery Energy Storage

Battery storage offers multiple benefits and makes renewable energy more reliable and viable. Storage is a way to help stabilize the grid by balancing supply and demand, especially when renewable energy sources are variable. It helps to enhance the integration of renewable energy on the grid. Since solar and wind energy supplies can fluctuate, battery storage systems aid in smoothing out the flow to provide a continuous power supply regardless of conditions.

Some advantages of energy storage include:

  • Savings on energy costs: Storing energy allows users to avoid higher rate charges and to save money.
  • Sustainability: Installing a battery storage system supporting renewable generation assets assists with decarbonization initiatives and supports achieving sustainability goals.
  • Resilience: Battery storage systems provide emergency backup power during outages or emergencies, improving grid reliability and allowing business continuity when a power outage occurs.

Work With Freedom Energy and CPower

Freedom Energy partners with CPower to offer energy storage solutions for clients across Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. CPower is a national leader in grid balancing solutions with a Customer-Powered Grid­™ that provides clean, flexible and dependable energy. Our partnership enables us to offer many benefits to our clients, such as:

  • Financing without out-of-pocket costs.
  • Warranties for the system and components.
  • Regular performance reporting and updates.
  • Permitting, interconnection and metering with your local utility and the grid.
  • Ongoing maintenance, operations and asset management.
  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) design, construction and commissioning.
  • Additional opportunities for backup power, resiliency, and other demand response programs.