What is OnDemand Battery Energy Storage?

OnDemand Battery Energy Storage refers to storage systems that enable energy to be stored and released when clients need power. OnDemand Battery Energy Storage programs allow participating clients to reduce electricity use during peak times and earn energy savings.

Battery energy storage systems are much more advanced than household batteries. A battery storage system can be charged by renewable energy, like wind and solar power.

OnDemand Battery Energy Storage Benefits

  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) design, construction, and commissioning
  • Permitting, interconnection and metering with your local utility and the grid
  • System and component warranties
  • Ongoing operations, maintenance, and asset management
  • Regular performance reporting
  • Complete financing with no out-of-pocket costs
  • Additional opportunities for Backup Power, Resiliency, and other Demand Response program

Strategic Partner

Freedom Energy partners with CPower to provide OnDemand Energy Storage solutions for clients in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts. CPower Energy is the national leader of grid balancing and reliability solutions, creating a Customer-Powered GridTM that will enable a flexible, clean and dependable energy future.

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