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Ashlynn Callery
Human Resources Generalist
Freedom Energy

“Job seekers are aligning their work with their passion, and for Freedom Energy, that’s precisely how we’ve built our workforce from the beginning.”

The world is changing, and so are the way people make decisions. Across the globe, people are looking for ways to follow their passions and make an impact personally and professionally. There is a growing understanding amongst all generations that time and community are two of the most valuable commodities we have at our disposal. While many are adjusting to a new normal, Freedom Energy’s culture has been thriving on the values of quality of life, collaboration, and opportunity since its conception. As a result, Freedom Energy is a landing destination for professionals eager to follow their passions and make an impact by the work they do daily.

Freedom Energy’s focus has always been its people, from employees to clients, investing in their careers and providing personal and professional growth opportunities. The highly collaborative environment empowers every employee to communicate their ideas and supports their efforts as they take action to implement positive changes throughout the company. These impactful ideas have led to tremendous opportunities for the company as it continues to expand its service portfolio and reach new areas in the US.

After 15 years of growth and development, this is just the beginning for Freedom Energy. With the company’s sights locked on supporting clients’ business requirements and achieving their goals, expanding into new markets, and stretching further down the east coast, the opportunity for professional development is endless. The expansion plan has focused on restructuring departments and increasing operational efficiency to support the company’s projected growth. With growth comes the opportunity to add to our workforce with new positions and departments to ensure future success. Requirements vary by position; however, ideal candidates and successful employees share a common thread; they are passionate about the work they do. Ideal candidates seek to use their passion, skills, and experience to collaborate with Freedom Energy’s team of industry experts to drive the company objectives and initiatives into fruition.

As Freedom Energy searches for prospective coworkers and collaborators, preserving culture will be just as crucial of an initiative as meeting other business goals and objectives. A landing destination is a place people want to be, a place they know they are valued and how the work they do makes an impact. People do not just worry about the bottom line anymore; they want quality of life, and that is what Freedom Energy has to offer. A company that will invest in your growth and development as you invest your most valuable commodity in theirs, your time.

Freedom Energy wants its employees to be happy at work, feel empowered and learn to grow personally and professionally.

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