Ashlynn Callery-Baldwin

Human Resources Manager 

Ashlynn Callery-Baldwin brings a diverse background to her role as Human Resources Manager at Freedom Energy, having transitioned into the energy industry in 2021.

With a dedication to fostering a vibrant and inclusive culture, Ashlynn is responsible for recruiting, nurturing positive employee relations, and shaping company policies and procedures. She is an advocate for training and development initiatives, ensuring every team member has the opportunity to grow and thrive within the workplace.

Drawing from her previous experience as a Practice Administrator in the healthcare industry, Ashlynn brings a deep understanding of insurance and benefits management to her role. She was honored with the Rising Star Award at Freedom Energy in 2021 for her notable contributions to the company’s initiatives. Actively engaged in professional development and networking opportunities, Ashlynn collaborates with industry peers and shares insights to drive positive change.

Outside of work, Ashlynn is passionate about animal welfare and volunteers with various rescue organizations. Her dedication to fostering a supportive work culture and making a positive impact in the community reflects her core values of compassion and service.

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