Howard Plante

Vice President of Procurement

Howard Plante joined Freedom Energy Logistics in 2008 with a focus on developing direct end user access to the ISO-NE bulk power pool. As the Vice President of Procurement, Howard oversees and supports the commodity market, advocating for clients and advancing the company’s enterprise efforts on their behalf.

Howard leads research and data mining efforts that support the company’s strategic plan, designing product cost estimates, structuring, and valuing hedges for client contracts. He also conducts technical analysis of client load requirements and pricing, managing all aspects of their electricity supply needs including capacity obligations and pricing structures. Howard oversees the wholesale pricing desk, reviewing and monitoring current and forward market conditions, and collaborates closely with the retail pricing desk.

Prior to joining Freedom, Howard’s career in the energy industry included consulting for environmental and energy engineering businesses, focusing on regulatory compliance, particularly air permitting. He began his career in Research and Development and later transitioned to Facilities Management as a Project Engineer. Howard’s expertise in environmental and energy engineering adds significant value to both clients and the Freedom Energy team.

Howard Plante holds a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

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