2023 March Newsletter

Winter 2022-2023 Energy Summary


Howard Plante Vice President of Procurement Freedom Energy During the late summer and fall of 2022, as we continued to plan strategies for the winter, the global energy situation was a major consideration. Concerns were that energy prices could reach unprecedented levels. Included in those concerns were the following: Utilities were maintaining [...]

Winter 2022-2023 Energy Summary2024-02-28T14:10:11+00:00

What is ESG and why is it gaining in importance?


Dileep Prabhakar Regional Sales Director Freedom Energy Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) measures a company’s progress toward achieving social goals and creating shareholder value. ESG has recently gained acceptance in corporate, environmental, and investment communities.  Where do companies stand when it comes to ESG?  Today, executives are increasingly held accountable for ensuring [...]

What is ESG and why is it gaining in importance?2024-02-27T18:20:43+00:00

Natural Gas Update | March 2023


Sean Devine Director of Natural Gas Sales Freedom Energy The natural gas market has continued its volatile roller coaster, and at the turn of the new year, we have seen severe swings to the downside. With temperatures in the northern hemisphere staying consistently mild and the Freeport LNG facility still down, the natural [...]

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How does ‘Energy Transition’ impact the overall Workforce?


Ashlynn Callery Human Resources Generalist Freedom Energy As the global economy races to NetZero, the transition to a clean energy future affects every aspect of social society. Employment and the energy transition's impact on the job market is a top concern for policymakers, businesses, and communities across the globe. Institutions like the [...]

How does ‘Energy Transition’ impact the overall Workforce?2024-02-07T15:48:52+00:00

Informed and Proactive is a Powerful Approach to Energy Management


Brian White Municipal Program Director Freedom Energy On May 6, 2021, New England energy forwards began increasing after a long period of inactivity. The COVID-19 bubble had seemingly passed, and business was returning to normal. After 16 months of hardly any market movement, some volatility wasn’t exactly shocking.  Energy rates started going [...]

Informed and Proactive is a Powerful Approach to Energy Management2024-05-14T16:53:03+00:00

What is the Impact of the Inflation Reduction Act?


Carol Anne Watts Senior Director of Sales and Sales Operations Freedom Energy In August 2022, President Biden enacted the $739 billion Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). The IRA aims to curb inflation through historic deficit reduction measures. Among many initiatives, clean energy is a significant driver of the IRA, to nearly $400 billion [...]

What is the Impact of the Inflation Reduction Act?2023-03-20T14:22:48+00:00

IMM Fall 2022 Quarterly Market Report


Dan Cwalinski  Director of Contracts and Pricing Freedom Energy ISO-NE’s Internal Market Monitor (IMM) released their quarterly markets report on January 31, 2023, assessing the state of competition in wholesale energy markets operated by ISO-NE (Independent System Operator New England). This most recent report covered the fall 2022 quarter, running from September [...]

IMM Fall 2022 Quarterly Market Report2024-02-28T14:50:31+00:00

The Power Behind Community


Thomas Carter Regional Sales Director Freedom Energy As energy costs rise, small businesses are feeling the impact. After three small businesses closed in New Hampshire's North Country, what can be done moving forward to support local businesses? The solution may be in Community Aggregation. Challenges for small businesses with increasing energy costs As Executive Director [...]

The Power Behind Community2024-02-27T19:32:50+00:00

USGA’s Investment in MA RECs Helped Reduce Carbon Footprint


Howard Plante Vice President of Procurement Freedom Energy Freedom Energy is pleased to share that the USGA has finalized its Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) procurement in support of the U.S. Open event held June 13-19, 2022, at The Country Club. Last summer, the USGA pledged to invest in community renewable energy projects [...]

USGA’s Investment in MA RECs Helped Reduce Carbon Footprint2024-02-28T14:10:12+00:00

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